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Costa Mesa

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329 E. 17th St. Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (old building)

29403 S Western Ave Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275



Newport Beach

This place is great, my boyfriend and I come here at least once a week for breakfast. Both of our favorite meal from here is the Old World Crepe Combo, which come with 2 sweet crepes, 2 eggs, 4 pieces (bacon and/or sausage) and you can add hash browns and it is still super cheap. We’ve also had the Huevos Rancheros, Eggs Benedict, and Stuffed French Toast. All are great choices, I guess it depends what your taste buds are craving.


Newport Beach

GREAT place for pancakes, so many 2 choose from too! =)

Service here is always very great & friendly very cozy atmosphere.. =)

Servings are pretty BIG & prices are very reasonable…

This place definitely BEATS IHOP, Dennys, or even Marie Calendar’s =)

Gotta try this place if u like pancakes..they a good selection of variety of stuff 2 try… they even have crepes with yummy fruit fillings & waffles too.. =) Yummie..


Costa Mesa

We love this place. The food is great and the owner is awesome. I like the eggs Benedict.



As if you needed another excuse, Pancakes R Us is yet another great reason to eat breakfast for lunch or for dinner!

Pancakes R Us reminds me of an improved version of Denny’s or IHOP rolled up into an independent coffee shop/diner. With the efficiency of those chain establishments, all day, they serve your favorite breakfast staples that taste like so much more! Instead of cardboard-tasting pancakes and eggs that come from a vat, you get a breakfast feast that is delicious as it is hearty, and won’t make you regret that evening craving for omelettes or pancakes.

The plethora of pancake varieties includes sweet and savory crepes, fruit pancakes and even pancake sandwiches! The fluffy pancakes may not even need the 4 different types of syrup they place on the table. They’ve also got a healthy assortment of breakfast entrees, several kinds of omelettes and chicken fried steak.

On my last visit, I ordered spinach crepes and potato pancakes. They were the perfect meal after a long hike! The spinach crepes are stuffed with eggs, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and hollandaise. They were slightly sweet but quite savory!

The deep fried potato pancakes are not the extremely flat variety you might be accustomed to. Rather, they’re like thin little ‘cakes’ that are a bit more hearty and flavorful. They taste like hash brown patties but much better!

The quick and friendly service makes me want to stop in more often.

Overall, forgo the overrated Plums Café down the street for this place. Your stomach and wallet will not be disappointed! Open 6am-10pm, 7 days a week (breakfast served all day).


Costa Mesa

I came here Saturday around noon after getting my hair done at Shanghai Salon just within the same shopping area.. I needed to eat and was feeling groggy because some douche had ruffied me the night before on my bloody birthday so I needed some food.. I seriously was in a haze and all I wanted was some coffee and water and food…. I don’t know the name of my waitress but she was super sweet and fast.

I ordered the scrambled eggs with turkey sausage. Simple and fast.. I had received a phone call and I was on the phone waiting for my food. The waitress didn’t want to interrupt my conversation I didn’t even know that she was paying me any attention. She had forgotten to ask me something so she wrote it down on a note pad and placed in in front of me. Super sweet and polite. Whoever she was the friendly 40 something year old blonde is amazing and she sets the bar when it comes to good customer service.

My food was good… The chili that is made fresh here daily is amazing. Ask them for it..

I will be back again..


Newport Beach

My family **loves** this place. My kids worship it and I always feel good leaving it – full, happy and completely appreciated by my kids..

The service is just spectacular – funny thing to say about a somewhat cheesy pancake house but it really is… spectacular. The owner has a fantastic ex-Afgan-freedom-fighter story and one has to assume he’s imbued his love of life and appreciation for the world around him into his wait staff. They are charming, happy and accommodating. Every single time we go there, and that’s about a dozen times now.

I think I love the food. Not sure I remember.
But my kids swear this is Disneyland for breakfast. Do I need to worry about any other details?


Bring the kids.
Start with some coffee and let me know how the food is.


Newport Beach

Imagine if you will: a destination renowned for pancakes. This is no ordinary house of pancakes; no, it is not even an international house of panned-cakes. You have entered a world where pancakes are them.

This place looks like IHOP. but it has better quality, and it’s not the huge chain, so the service is a bit more attentive. We scarfed on some pumpkin pancakes (the special that particular sunday) and french toast, which is my true breakfast love. Good hearty portions and a nice intimate atmosphere.

Make sure to take some time to read about the owner and his diplomacy and peacekeeping efforts – stories on the wall inside while you wait to be seated.